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Surcharge Tax Rate in Bangladesh .

In Bangladesh , there is further tax liability if someone holds net assets of more than BDT 3 Crore in his /her IT return on the date of 30 June which is called as surcharge tax and this surcharge tax to be paid at the time of submission of yearly Income Tax Return .

As per Changes brought by Finance Act 2021-2022, minimum surcharge is withdrwan if no taxable income during the assessment year even if net worth exceds by BDT 3 Crore .

 Surcharge tax to be calculated based on having net worth by individual as on 30 June of the fiscal year and surcharage tax to be calculated on total tax payable as per below rates :

Net wealth up to BDT 3 Crore *


Net wealth More than BDT 3 Crore to BDT 10 Crore


Net wealth More than BDT 10 Crore to BDT 20 Crore


Net wealth More than BDT 20 Crore to BDT 50 Crore


Net wealth More than BDT 50 Crore



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