Business Consultancy and Advisory

The Corporate Consultancy (TCC) doesn’t mere prepare preliminary documents of your business , it also express its concern over future of your business based on strategic thinking and economic perspective of wealth maximization.

Few of its unique features of business consultancy and advisory services include:


  • Project Feasibility Study and Report (emphasizing on sustainability);
  • Financing Structure (emphasizing on future capital structure and source);
  • Advice on suitable Borrowing structure;
  • Guide on Exit plan Strategy;
  • Framing Internal Control Procedures (ICP) (very basic of running a business for long term);
  • Advice on Automation for Operational and Reporting Integration (Very basic for decision making);
  • Develop Organization Structures (Organogram and Designation);
  • Recruitment Services
  • Suggest on type of incorporation of legal entity (Private Limited or Public Limited or One Person Company (OPC) or Sole Trader ship or Partnership);
  • Suggest on Shareholding and Directorship Structures with a long-term goals;
  • Prepare Memorandum and Article of Association (M & AoA) with a provision of equality among shareholders and traspapent way of directing business ;
  • Provide professional service of company registration
  • Assist to obtain various license and permission to commence business
  • Obtain permission of opening branch or liaison office of foreign company /investors

Performance Measurement System (PMS)

We say that machine doesn’t perform automatically if its operators don’t perform.

Assigning right and relevant Key Performance Indicators ( KPI) for each employees at the starting of budget year is the right way of evaluation of their performance and of keeping them engaged and motivated .

Our performance measurement package includes:

  • Align the support center or profit center or cost center's with top and bottom level business target of the organizationr;
  • Preparation of Position vs. Area of responsibilities;
  • Identifying the key activities area of a position for which an employee is appointed ;
  • Identifying the key performance indicators (KPI) and put weight based on % of total activities ;
  • Periodic evaluation of Target vs. Actual KPI achievement
  • Finding the reasons of lower performance and suggest further measures
  • Advice on estabilishing automatic performance management system and reporting 

Income Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT)

Our Tax mangement sercices are designed with an objective to help the business and individual to plan their tax expenditure and compliance  in a right and compliant way so that business and individual could pay attention to generate income, build wealth and without thinking much in taxation documentation and in assessment activities.

TCC offers a wide range of taxation advisory and services to both Individual and Corporate that include : 


  • Advice on Individual Net Wealth Build up i.e. Individual Investment ;
  • Prepare yearly tax return and submission ;
  • Reprsent the client in assessment hearing or any other documeation .


Corporate taxation services range from tax compliant accounts preparation to the final assessment.

Another important aspect of corporate taxation includes ensuring compliance in spending in line with admissible and non-admissible limit as per income tax laws and rules. Failure of which may attract huge tax liability at the time of assessment but TCC thinks that such risks of non-compliance could easily be avoided if there is regular monitoring of business transactions.

Our Corporate taxation services are:

  • Advice on maintaining books of records as per income tax laws and rules ;
  • Assist in recording income tax, VAT in the books of records ;
  • Assist in deducting and depositing of Tax and VAT ;
  • Prepare and submit Withholding and Tax Annual Return ;
  • Preparation and submission of monthly VAT return
  • Represent the company in all assessment and case proceedings.

Financial and Investment Services

Our Financial and Investment management services mainly foucs on advisinig investment, source of fund and for day-to-day management of treasury fundctions and cash flow forecasting .

Advisory services for INDIVIDUAL CLIENT :

  • Advice on investment decision based on comparative return; 
  • Advice on forming strategic partnership and collaborations for entreprehership ;
  • Provide services on investment in the capital market ( Opening BO account and investment analysis) ;
  • Advice on highest tax rebate investment ;
  • Assist in verification of legal title for purchasing flat and land and in registration

Adviosry services for CORPORATE clients include :

  • Desiging Financing Structure and Source of fund ;
  • Structuring of working capital financing ;
  • Advice on Pre-IPO accounts set-up and capital structure ;
  • Arranging Syndicated Financing and Foreign Loan ;
  • Advisory on treasury management ;

Business Process Automation Services

We help business to automate their day-to day tasks and to generate required Management Information Report (MIR) on real time basis. 

Our Business Process Automation (BPA) focus on establising proper internal control, authorization and on reducing time and costs of processing.

We aim to bring the most relevant issues to the attention of the decision maker or management of the organization as and when happens and impact.

Our Business Process Automation (BPA) services include :

  • In-depth analysis of operating system ;
  • Process integration ;
  • Providing right Software application 

Career Counselling and Skill Training

Choosing a right career path is more important than selection of a subject /discipline at the time of University admission and a good and potential employment opportunity may be missed for not having proper guidance.

We heard someone of telling that “ I would do better if I had started my career as an Accountant instead of a Human Resource Officer“ and such repent not only takes back in the middle of career but also distracts the concentration from the work.

The Corporate Consulting (TCC) believes that proper and professional guidance/counseling could help someone to choose right career path and to success in their desired field.

Counselling services :

  • Showing the all prospective career opportunities matching with respective discipline /subject 
  • Telling the market prospects and future of various job requirement ;
  • Advise on how to be proceed to reach to the peak of respective career ;
  • Advise on making Career Advancement Plan (CAP) ;
  • Advise on what interim courses and training are required for advancement ;


  • Skill training on company formtion ;
  • Skill traning on Income Tax and VAT ;
  • Skill on business communication and writting 

Financial System Development (FSD)


Weak financial system in a business has serious effects on the production of goods and services, which would be strongly felt on operating a business in the competitive market .

To maintain trasnperncy , accountability and compliance , the role of having a sound and appropriate Financial system and reporting is paramount .

An integarted financial system can give an early warning for any irregularites in the business .

We set and provide varios reporting and analytical tools to ensure proper financial systemn in your business , some of which are :

  • Design an appropriate Chart of Accounts (COA) to track and to report every single trasnactions ;
  • Design a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) ;
  • Design a comprehensive Fixed Assets Management System ( FAMS) to track and count every single item ;
  • Prepare an Expense authorization and control procedures (EACP);
  • Prepare a Credit control /maangement policy and procedures matching with Cash recyle period;
  • Prepare Product costing reporting services ;
  • Design Budgetory control cystem and reporting 
  • Loss reason analysis report (LRAR)
  • Conducting internal audit on authorzation and relevancy of trasanctions;
  • Prepare various strategic reporting 

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Our information technolgy services are based on "DESIGN, BUILD and RUN.

We assess the requirement of your business and design and build accordingly . 

We help you for branding of your business through various technologcal channels like Web design, hosting ,e-commerce and other various business applications.

Some of the many IT services include:

  • Email, calendar, and cloud collaboration tools
  • Technology training
  • Web hosting and development
  • Software licensing
  • Information security and policy