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    “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice”,
    Brian Herbert (Author)

Business Writing Skills Course-Your writing fitness

Why this course?

This course is for better business correspondence and presentation

This course will elaborate on the business writing essentials for clear & effective communication

This course is for developing writing skills that project a positive and professional image to Clients and Colleague.

This course will enhance your writing fitness to excel in the competitive business career.


In this course participants will:

  • gain a better understanding of common grammar issues in business writing
  • review basic concepts in sentence formation and paragraph construction
  • learn to email professionally and effectively
  • learn how to write business letters, reports, proposals and e-mails
  • learn the form of writing - formal, standard and informal
  • be able to write wining proposals
  • gain more confidence at work
  • avoiding grammar gaffes

Who should attend /Ideal for:


PowerPoint presentation, lecture, exercise, handbook   

Award/ Certification:

Course Contents:

1. Introduction:

 a. Importance of writing better

 b. Know why your writing

 c. Understand your readers

 d. Writing process and stages

2. Developing writing skills

   a. Learning the basics of grammar

   b. Keeping Clarity

   c. Summarizing correctly

   d. Minimizing using of words

   e. Avoiding bizspeak

   f.  Using chronology

  g. Maintaining continuity of sentence

  h. Holding readers' attention

  i. Setting right tone in writing

  k. Proofreading and finishing

3. Forms of business writing and

a. E-mails

b. Business letters

c. Memos and Reports

d. Business Proposal

e. Meeting agenda and minutes

f. Visual design

4. Correct and Good Usage of words

5. Writing CV and Cover Letter

 6. Self-test  

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